Minister for Transportation of the Russian Federation Maksim Sokolov in the framework of the International Forum of Eurasian Partnership has noted:

– Dear participants, today within the framework of our strategic partnership we are holding one of the key events – the Armenian-Russian interregional forum, which is dedicated to inter-regional cooperation. As the co-chair of our intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation from Russian side, I want to highlight that we, of course, consider inter-regional cooperation as a priority for the aim of development dynamics and for promoting links and contacts. Within the framework of the intergovernmental committee a special working group was created, which is dealing with the issues of regional cooperation. Within the framework of our cooperation both the legal and organizational basis for relations are improving. I would like to note that the vast majority of subjects of the Russian Federation, nearly 65, in one way or another are involved in the theme of the cooperation development with Armenia. The largest trade partners of Armenia are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov, Samara, and I am very happy to welcome the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation, present at this Forum. According to the data from the first half of the current year, Russia is the main investor of Armenian economy. Russian investments in Armenia have already reached $ 4 billion; more than 1,300 companies in Armenia are operating with Russian capital.  We are also present at the First International Forum of Eurasian Partnership, which has special significance for the Union’s equal participants – Russia and Armenia.


As the Minister for Transportation of the Russian Federation I want to particularly note that the Eurasian format provides additional opportunities for the Armenian companies that can use both road and rail routes. Today, within the framework of our commission we are actively working towards the other directions and phases of the regulation of transport policy. I am convinced that our joint efforts will allow us to resolve any issues that will arise in front of us. I wish all the participants successful and productive work.