The President of the Union of Armenians in Russia, Ara Abrahamyan during today’s press-conference, declared that he can’t confound his interests with the interests of our country. “ Nowadays the idea of national interests has abolished among Armenians. There are clans among us that act separately and sometimes interests clash and we start to harm each other. The cause of that  is the absence of national interests, trust and belief. We don’t have enemies. I am neither Pashinyan’s nor another person’s enemy. I’m not consent to his politics and they also realized that they are not efficient, time has also shown that.”

According to the President of the Union of Armenians in Russia, today we have to work with the youth, get them into another sphere and try to cooperate with them, because we are not enemies.

“Science is very important for me. I send people to study abroad, I grant scholarships and now I came to help as much as I can, but this country does everything for us not to help, beginning from business. “