Businessmen, Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO, the president of the Union of Armenians in Russia

Ara Abrahamyan started his career path as an engineer in “Neuron” Industrial enterprise growing to the General Manager of the company. In 1989, he was appointed the Deputy Head of the Department at the USSR Ministry of Electronic Industry. He has been the President of “COMEX” since 1991 and the Founder and CEO of “SOGLASIE” JSC since 1993. The latter is one of Russia’s top investing companies now. Ara Abrahamyan has contributed in developing the cultural and economic life both in the Republic of Armenia and Russian Federation. He has established many companies, foundations and initiated remarkable charity and philanthropy programs․ He took part in several humanitarian actions, supporting people in misfortune. Particularly, Armenian pilots and Russian sailors were released from custody in Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria, thanks to personal involvement and active diplomatic efforts demonstrated by Ara Аbrahamyan. Ara Аbrahamyan built an Armenian Church of St. Anne and a Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship in his native village Malishka. He also supported the building of a school in the village, furnished by the latest modern equipment. A similar school building project is initiated in Stepanakert․ Ara Аbrahamyan pays significant attention to education particularly to teaching the Armenian language in the native communities residing in Russia, with the aim to preserve it.

He does everything to keep peace in intercultural and inter-religious issues. By the means of Ara Abrahamyan, a benevolence dining hall “Arshavir and Baidzar Abrahamyan” opened in Yerevan in 2001. Two buildings with 130 apartments were purchased with the financial support of Ara Аbrahamyan and presented to refugees.

Ara Abrahamyan has hold the position of the President of the Union of Armenians in Russia since 2000 and the President of the World Armenian Congress since 2003. He is also a co-Chairman of Production Councils with South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, France, Nigeria, Libya and the Russian Federation.