Dr. Xu Mingqi is a professor of International Economics and the Director of European Studies Center at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, where he served as deputy director of Institute of World Economy during 2005-2013 and Editor in Chief of Social Sciences and Academic Quarterly in 1998-2001. He is now also the president of Shanghai Institute for European Studies and Secretary – General of Shanghai Coordination Center for FTZ Studies. He is also guest professor of Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. His main research areas are in the theory international economics, international finance, international political economy, European Economy, monetary economics and monetary policy, and China’s economic system reforms. Dr. Xu graduated from Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and holds MA and Ph. D degrees in international Economics from SASS and did post doctoral research at Harvard University with Harvard-Yeching scholarship during 1995-1996. Previously he was awarded scholarship by Chinese government to conduct research at University of Western Ontario in Canada. He publishes extensively in international economic theory and policy issues both in Chinese and English. He is frequently invited to give public lectures and consultancy to government officials and business executives of both domestic and multinational corporations for international economic issues. Many of his monographs and reports have been awarded with excellent academic prizes by both Chinese government and academic associations.