4DOB 2.10.1946   UK National

A retired United Kingdom Law-Enforcement senior manager with 40 years’ experience in the Investigation discipline with HM Customs and Excise. This largely in the fight against organised crime, drug trafficking, commercial fraud and both cigarette and alcohol smuggling.

Expert on Interdiction at the International frontier having spent 20 years at Heathrow Airport.


This was followed by Institution/ Capacity building for the European Commission in the Balkans and many other European States .Responsible for the creation and development of a senior management team for the Customs Service of Kosovo. Conducted workshops and lectures on combating Organised Crime in many EU States.


Engaged as a part time consultant in the field of Customs and International for De La Rue, a UK based company and world leader in the supply of currency, passports and other security print items.

Permanent representative on behalf of De La Rue of the Private Sector Consultancy Group of the World Customs Organisation (WCO) in Brussels. This organisation representing 30 of the largest companies and associations in the Global Supply Chain and feeding advice and guidance to the WCO.


Engaged as an Independent advisor for U.S. principals in assuring the transparency of three elections in Morocco and the use of EU funding in Bulgaria.

Represented Government of Morocco on two occasions as a Petitioner at the United Nations in New York regarding the Western Sahara dispute with Algeria.

Delivered lectures on the development of Organised Crime and drug trafficking in West Africa.


Managing Director of Chris Braham Consulting Ltd (2009- Present)